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Thank You Veterans!

The team at Fracking Insider is honored to work alongside a number of distinguished veterans, including our own fearless leader, John Wittenborn (USAF Ret.), and we are proud of the veterans in our families as well (Thanks Pop!). In honor of Veterans Day, the veterans in our lives, and all the men and women who … Continue Reading

Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation in President Obama’s Second Term

Before we even finished counting the votes in the 2012 presidential election, political pundits, environmental and energy practitioners, and, in some ways, even Wall Street traders, offered their insights on how President Obama would regulate the energy industry in the next four years.  Such an exercise is perilously speculative – particularly when applied emerging segments … Continue Reading

New Water Laws Regulating Fracking Almost a Certainty

Water-related issues continue to take center stage in the ongoing fracking debate. EPA’s Science Advisory Board’s initial review of EPA’s proposed water-focused study, however, makes clear that there is currently not a good understanding of the potential risks posed by the myriad water issues triggered by drilling for natural gas in unconventional resources. For example, … Continue Reading